Safe Guarantee

In a journey safety is important for Everyone —whether you’re in the backseat or behind the wheel. we continue to update our taxi driver performance, Skill & abilities  that helps make millions of rides safer everyday.

You are Getting a safe ride with Chelmsford Black Taxis.

Safe pickups

The Chelmsford Black Taxis company finds location to provide your door-to-door service.So That means you stay safe your place and comfortable wherever you are until your driver arrives.We continue to Analysis taxi service policy that helps make Thousand  of Safe rides everyday.

Driver profiles

When you’re meet with a taxi driver, you can see all details about the taxi driver like: their name, license plate number, photo, and rating—so you know who’s picking you up ahead of time. And even after the trip, you’re able to contact your taxi driver. if you left something behind. The taxi driver return your lost parts, phone, bage, money etc.

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